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IchorCorp Recruitment

IchorCorp is a mercantile/industrial guild focused on establishing and maintaining friendly and profitable business relationships with everyone. We are looking for just a few players who desire to fully commit to the business side of Mortal Online.

About IchorCorp:

- We make every effort to avoid combat. By community standards, we could be called “carebears.” However, we prefer to think that we PvP in the economic domain with the goal to acquiring coins rather than kills.
- IchorCorp members are not permitted to be in any other guild. Discovery of hidden guild affiliations will result in removal from IchorCorp. We are a guild of players, not a guild of characters.
- Our good name is our most valuable asset. Consequently, our standards for joining and remaining a member can be difficult for many players to uphold. A positive community reputation is more important to us than your net worth, your business savvy, or your trade secrets.
- We currently operate with low infrastructure. We don't have a website. We don't have our own TS. We don't assign tasks to members, but members may hire other members for any task that suits them. - We encourage individualism and economic independence. Members' commercial operations are independent of guild operations, and member cooperation will always be voluntary.
- We do not allow our members to engage in unwarranted aggression against other players (RPKing), political scheming, griefing, stealing, or fraud. We have specific and exhaustive rules of conduct which detail exactly what behavior is forbidden. Members found engaging in any such activity on any character or identity will be required to make suitable remedy or else be removed.

What we offer:

- Goodwill – Our guild tag identifies you as a non-threat, as someone who can be trusted, and as someone who can connect people with the goods and services that people are looking for.

- Safety - Many aggressive guilds have formally agreed not to attack our members. Many individuals refrain from doing so because they prefer to stay on good terms with us.

- Connections – It sounds cliché, but we know people. From highly productive laborers to highly affluent investors, if you’re looking for business connections, we can help.

- Economic Intelligence – Ideas come free with membership. We know many ways to make money and to avoid losing/wasting it . . . and we are always thinking of new ways.

Who We Want:

- Crafters
- Transporters
- Hunters
- Researchers
- Financiers

Interested applicants may inquire about joining by private message. Please contact Ichorous, Azidano, Speznat in forums for details.
Or use our IchorCorp Forum and write to: Speznat.

Yours Truly, Ichorcorp